Yield Estimation

Current yield estimation techniques are often inaccurate and costly to perform. Since our method actually counts and analyzes fruit, it is much more accurate and actionable.

Labor Costs

Labor Costs constantly rank among the top three expenses for farmers and are going up annually. Automation saves farmers time and allows them to spend more time on more fruitful tasks.


Enhanced Production

Our methods will help farmers better utilize their resources to produce better crops. 

What we do

Our platform utilizes deep learning to detect crops in images. The users can:

UPLOAD THEIR VIDEO to our web platform. The crop count, along with relevant metadata, are then presented back to the user on a dashboard. The dashboard also presents other relevant information, such as historical yield and current pricing at their nearest terminal market. This helps our customers make an informed pricing decision for their produce.


web platform.png

GET RESULTS STREAMING DIRECTLY FROM THEIR PHONE by using AgGrow's mobile app. Using their the phone's camera or from a drone's, our mobile app can perform inference in near real-time. The estimation results are also automatically uploaded to our web platform.



 Best Use of Technology (2017)

Best Use of Technology (2017)

 Semifinialist (2017)

Semifinialist (2017)